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Purchase the Easy Access Photo Booth for your photo booth rental business and start earning money immediately! Made to order in the USA by Photo Booth Experts


Place an order

Contact us by emailing info@photoboothexperts.com or calling 402.812.5676. We will sign the Easy Access Photo Booth Purchase Agreement

Make a Payment

Once the purchase agreement has been signed the full paymnet is required in order to begin the production.

We build your unit

Production starts after we will receive your payment. The lead time from the payment to shipping is approx 3 -5 weeks.

We deliver your unit

We charge additional fee for Shipping and Handling. Shipping and Handling Fee will be calculated based on your location

Important Information

We build the Easy Access Photo Booth units to order and the lead time from the payment to shipping is approx 3 -5 weeks.

We accept check, cash, major credit/debit cards, direct bank deposits. Payment by credit/debit cards is subject to an additional 3% transaction fee.

We do not offer financing. However there are third party financial institutions that may offer financing for you.

In order to operate the Easy Access Photo Booth you need to have basic computer skills. You need to know how to start/shutdown Windows, how to connect the monitor and USB devices (camera, printer) to the laptop, how to launch the software, how to change the printer media, and how to create/manipulate JPEG images. We do provide a training video showing how to do this.

The dimensions of the Easy Access Photo Booth are: 6 foot tall (6' 5" with Acrylic Photo Booth Sign); 3 foot wide (at the stand base); 4 foot deep (at the stand base)
Transportation requires SUV or Truck or Minivan or Trailer (Toyota Highlander, Scion XB, Ford Flex, Shevrolet Suburban, Chrysler Town&Country etc.)

The Easy Access Photo Booth is delivered in "Ready To Go" condition which means that it could be put in to service the same day it was delivered. Minimum assembly is required

We offer 1 Year Limited Warranty for all of the Easy Access Photo Booth components. It is the same type of warranty that you would have when you purchase a laptop from the store.
Call now 402.812.5676

Email us now: info@photoboothexperts.com

PLEASE NOTE: Due to territory guidelines the Easy Access Photo Booth and/or PT Booth A1 PLUS software is NOT AVAILABLE AND WILL NOT BE SOLD if you are planning to operate your Photo Booth business within 100 miles radius of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, (including Dallas, Texas Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas)